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Update: MazeMaker and MazeWalker

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 4:56 pm
by hasanayaz
MazeMaker ( has the following updates:

-Maze List Builder: Item index number is displayed in the list
-Snap-to-grid functionality while drawing walls: increased grid size
-Snap-to-grid functionality while drawing walls: is disabled while "Shift" button is pressed. (so keep shift button pressed to disable snap-to-grid and can draw in more detail)

MazeWalker ( has the following updates:

-"Look up" and "Look Down" key controls and key bindings
-Improved joystick controls and settings
-During maze list operation, enables default light each time new maze is loaded

To get the updates, run "Update from web" application from Start Menu>All Programs>Maze Suite